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Things You Will Enjoy At The Sydney Camp

Surf Camp Byron Bay is the place to be in Australia for any surfer this summer. Master the art of riding the waves and enjoy the thrill of surfing to your heart’s content.

At the camp, you will meet new friends, visit the town a walking distance from the bay, explore all the sights of Byron Bay, and relax on the beach. Let’s explore the surf camp Byron Bay and others like it in Australia and beyond.

Surf Camp Byron Bay

Surf Camp Byron Bay is the top surf school in Australia’s surf town. It offers beginner and expert surfer’s exploration of the attractive Byron Bay Beach.

This authorized surfing school was opened in 1996 and its address is Shirley St, Byron Bay. Its qualified instructors are ready to train you 7 days a week. Teaching takes place at the Byron beach, a mere one-minute walk from the Backpacker’s hostel.

Surf Camp Byron Bay Service Packs

The camp’s surfing academy offers several packages :

  • A Big groups package, suitable for corporate organizations and schools. Surf as a team and build relationships.
  • A small group’s package, that allows couples and friends to enjoy a full surfing tour of Byron bay, eat tasty food, plus lodging and a tour of the town.
  • Solo Surfers will enjoy learning at the transitional beaches in Oz.


Surf and stay in The Backpackers Inn right at the Byron beach. This beach hostel was started in 1988 and gives you access to the beach in less than 1 minute.

The Inn’s friendly staff provides tasty affordable food and a place to relax after your surfing session, saving you from long drives to and from the beach.

The Mojosurf Surf Camps to Explore

Mojosurf runs many surf camps Australia. They are in Sydney, Byron Bay, Spot X, Portugal, Mentawais, and Bali. Below are a few of their surf schools.

Spot X Surf Camp

The Spot X Surf camp is in Arrawarra south of Byron Bay. This camp is inside a national Marine park. Enjoy memorable guided tours there from skilled instructors, tasty food, comfortable lodging and courteous staff.

Surf Camp Sydney

The Surf-Camp-Sydney is on the Northern side of Sydney near the National park. Learn to surf in the isolated waves there and meet new people as you tour the attractive beach’s surroundings. Relax in the Surf Shacks restaurant and sleep in a comfortable cabin.

Mentawai Surf Camp

Mentawai Surf Camp is in the region of Nyang Nyang Island in the North Mentawai Islands. This camp offers excellent surfing due to outstanding breaks, allowing you to enjoy the thrill of riding the waves. There is accommodation in the Pit-Stop and Nipussi, food after surfing and exploration of the place.

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