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Activities Expected At The Camp

Life is too short for individuals not to enjoy themselves. A great way of having fun and educate oneself is spending some quality time in surfing camps at affordable prices.

There are numerous Surfing camps available. However, Spot X Surf Camp remains one of the best. Let’s learn about this great Surfing camp.

About Surf X Surf Camp

The location was set up to provide surfers with a sense of belonging and lifestyle. This Surf Camp Sydney is located close to the National Marine Park, surrounded by clean water.

The Spot X Surf Camp and the Surf Camp Australia provide a unique opportunity for everyone to visit one of the most treasured Australian coastal avenues.

This is a must-go destination for vivid swimmers and surfers who want to witness the best of Australia’s ocean view. Some of the talking points include Tasty meals, excellent customer service, and ventilated accommodation. This Camp provides excellent facilities like:

  • Hot tub
  • Wi-Fi
  • billiards tables
  • Workstation and TV arena.

You can also expect some laundry and pool services.

Benefits of Registering for the Spot X Surf Camp

Along with Mentawai Surf Camp, Spot X Surf Camp comes with some great benefits that include:

Competitive rates

Plans to register for this Spot X Surf Camp are very cheap compared to other camps of its caliber. Also, group packages are affordable than single plans. It is, therefore, better for you to come along with friends or family.

Top instructors

The number one reason for the existence of this camp is to provide surfing lessons. You can therefore expect to get training with the best and most reliable instructors. They are experienced, competent, and provide you with daily training lessons.

Serene Environment

While the accommodation is fully ventilated and conducive, the security of campers is of utmost importance.

Provision of Surfing equipment

While it is recommended for backpackers to come with their gear, there is provision for the renting and sale of useful equipment like Wetsuits, gloves, paddles, and fun boards. 

Activities expected at the Camp

Here are some interesting things that you can do at Spot X Surf Camp:

Beach Kayaking

It is a fantastic activity that you can do at SPot X. Additionally, the instructors provide boats and floating wears.

Sporting activities

You can expect to engage in daily sporting activities like beach soccer, table tennis, and volleyball. If you don’t have any equipment, you can get jerseys, balls, and eggs.

Kangaroo Walk

Australia is known as the country of the kangaroos. Therefore, you have a chance to see some of these rare animal species at Surf Camp Byron Bay.

A tour guide takes charge of the excursion.

Choosing Spot X Surf Camp will be the best decision you will make. Also, the time and money you put in will be worth the trip.

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