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Taking some time out to visit Surf camps, to learn how to surf, and other beach packages have immense benefits for everyone. There are numerous examples of such surf camps, but few come close to Mentawai Surf Camp. Here is some important information you need to know about this top surfing camp.

About the Mentawai Surf Camp

It is a Private Surfing camp with a coastal front line that offers visitors a transcendent sea view. Mentawai Surf Camp is located in Indonesia, around the Mentawai Islands. This Surf Camp Australia is covered on all corners, by over 25 excellent waves within the 15 km radius. Mentawai Surf Camp is similar to Surf Camp Sydney because it has perfect winds, glorious tropical weather and a clear sea. Some of its key features include:

  • 24/7 Fan
  • provision of mosquito nets
  • Lamps for everyone
  • All rooms fitted with toilet and bathroom
  • Wardrobe

The campsite boasts about 5 Speed Boats and employs top boat riders, Surf coaches, and photographers.

Activities available at Mentawai

There are numerous educational and entertaining activities, and they include :

Deep-Sea Diving

Campers can engage in free diving and learn about swimming techniques, breathing styles within five days.


There are a plethora of spear guns at the Mentawai Surf Camp that Campers can use for spearfishing. There are many reefs that accommodate different species of marine life.


As can be seen at the Surf Camp Byron Bay, there are numerous snorkeling gears at the camp that they can use at any available time The ocean around the Surf camp is very transparent and filled with different species of fish.


Even visitors, who aren’t interested in surfing, can go hiking into the mysterious jungle and meet the Mentawai Tribe. The camp provides tours for these hikes at affordable rates.

Necessary Travel Documents you need

When visiting surf camps like Spot X Surf Camp and Mentawai, here are some vital documents required :


A Genuine and valid passport, for at least three months of validity from the date you would leave, alongside with photocopies (at least three copies).

Tickets and Visa

Those coming from Australia and New Zealand will have a month tourist visa provided on arrival, which should cost about $20.

Spare Cash

While cashless policies like Mastercard and Visa cards and transfers are accepted, cash payment is the preferred method.

Any Form of ID

As campers and tourists, you are required to bring identification papers with you.

Mentawai Surf Camp remains a great tourist destination for people who want to enjoy sea life, take surfing lessons, and enjoy nature.

Benefits of Registering for the Spot X Surf Camp
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