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Surf Camp Byron Bay Service Packs

Surf Camp Australia

Many individuals want to spend some time away learning how to surf. However, getting an appropriate surf camp that is affordable and can give quality surfing lessons is complicated. It is the reason why we’ve come up with this top surfing camp which offers affordable services to interested surfers. Here, we introduce Surf Camp Australia.

About Surf Camp Australia

Individuals looking for an excellent surfing experience should register with Surf Camp Australia. It is a unique surf camp for all new surfers. It was launched in 1999 to cater to many individuals who want to feel the thrill of surfing. There are different cadres and courses designed for all participants, just like in Mentawai Surf Camp, which will provide in-depth knowledge about surfing. Interested individuals are requested to bring the following:

  • Wetsuits
  • Toiletries
  • gloves
  • Bedspread
  • Face mask

These items go through disinfection when they get to the camp per the Covid-19 directives.

Successful participants of Surf Camp Australia will be able to compete with expert surfers within a short time. There is provision for beachside cabins similar to Spot X Surf Camp, which isn’t far from where lessons hold. In line with the Covid-19 directive, there is spacious room for about two-three people per room.

What surf Camp Australia offers?

There are several services this camp provides to interested people, and they are:

Surfing Lessons

There is a 5-day surfing course provided at this camp. The courses include daily surf lessons crafted for new and intermediate surfers. These courses include: Trimming, Gliding, Paddling, Standing up and waves dropping. 


People who enroll will get a fully furnished surf camp that is close to the beach. There is an Olympic-style pool, fast Wi-Fi, and laundry.


<p>Surfing creates hunger, hence, there are meals served at intervals. Anyone with special dietary should kindly inform ahead.&nbsp;</p>

Surf equipment

<p>Surf Camp Australia provides&nbsp;<strong>excellent Wetsuits and specially designed beginner fun board</strong>. All gears are in top condition and are new technology.</p>

What makes Surf Camp Australia different?

Surf camp Australia is different from other camps because of its:

Affordable price

It is one of the cheapest surf camps you can find around, and it has discounts for group registration. When considering the things you get during the camp, its rates are very affordable.

Professional surf coaches

Unlike other camps, which employ low cadre instructors, all surfing coaches at this Surf Camp Byron Bay are experts who are fully licensed. They are friendly and are ready to walk you through surfing lessons.

Easy and Safe Registration

Like Surf Camp Sydney, registration for Surf Camp Australia is very easy because their Web platform is user-friendly.

Learning how to surf has now been made easy with the intense lessons offered by Camps like Surf Camp Australia at affordable rates.

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