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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

General conditions and surfing vacation package guidance


General terms and conditions as well as surfing vacation package guidance are an integral part of a contract concluded between Adrenalinski center Tribu d.o.o. (Adrenaline center Tribu Ltd.) (hereinafter referred as Tribu d.o.o.) or an authorized agency and the client/user ordering a surfing vacation package.

General conditions apply to all surfing vacation packages organized by Tribu d.o.o. Tribu d.o.o. Terms and Conditions apply unless otherwise specified regarding surfing vacation packages by other organizers.

Should the client book and buy online, it is considered that the client has automatically agreed to Terms and Conditions immediately upon the ordering of the surfing vacation package. Terms and Conditions and guidelines can be read on the website, www.tribu.si and on any other website where Tribu d.o.o. surfing vacation package offers are distinctly marked and generally available to the public. 

The client is everyone who makes a valid booking or purchase and thus pays for a surfing vacation package or any other service offered by Tribu d.o.o and to whom these Terms and Conditions and Surfing vacation package guidelines apply. 


The client can apply for a surfing vacation package offered by Tribu d.o.o. at the office location or at the authorized agency. When applying the client and Tribu d.o.o. conclude a travel contract which at the same time serves as a booking certificate containing either information about the client’s vacation package or reference to the vacation package program with necessary information. When applying for a surfing vacation package the client is obliged to submit all contact details and documents required in the program as well as pay the application or booking fee and booking expenses.

In case of incorrect contact details the client is liable for all costs or consequences that could arise from using the incorrect information.

The application/booking is binding. In case of cancellation, the client must follow the regulations in VII. Cancellation of holiday package by client.

Aside from a written application or signed contract, any order containing clients’ first and last name, credit card number or other means of payment, payment of application or reservation fee, payment of application costs or any other action pointing to the fact that the client submitted a binding application or an application containing any of the aforementioned details is considered a binding application. 


The day on which the client pays for the surfing vacation package at the Tribu d.o.o. office cash register or any authorized agency or when Tribu d.o.o. receives the payment to its bank account is considered the day of payment.

On application the client pays 30% of the whole price, the rest must be paid at least 14 days prior to the departure.

In case the rest of the clients’ contractual obligation is not paid within the estimated time period, it is considered that the client has cancelled the travel contract. General terms and instructions on cancellation of a travel contract by client under article VII. are to be considered.

Timely and correct payment of application fee and costs guarantee client’s participation on a trip or on an individual vacation package, under conditions, set in these General terms and guidance for holiday packages or under special terms or programs which may apply. 

The client can pay in cash or use other valid methods of payment, according to conditions of non-cash transactions in financial institutions, in case of non-cash payment (credit cards, Maestro, BA, …) of a vacation package or other services by Tribu d.o.o. In case of refund, Tribu d.o.o. does not refund in cash, the client may receive a credit note, if entitled. 

Special payment conditions are cited in the offer and/or Prices.


Prices of holidays are determined by the vacation program and are valid from the day of the program publication.

The organizer reserves the right to increase prices no later than 20 days before the vacation starts, due to variations in exchange rates, increased transport charges, including gas prices, service charges at airports, ports, etc., which influence the total vacation costs. Increased prices are increased by the same percentage as actual service charges. The client has a right to cancel the contract if prices exceed the cost of the basic vacation package by 10%. In that case the client is entitled to a payment refund without compensation for damages or any visa, insurance, vaccination costs and similar costs (etc.)

Possible price change has to be notified to the client in advance in due time.

Tribu d.o.o. can recommend additional trips, local tourist services, with additional payment possible on location, in which case Tribu d.o.o. does not act as an organizer or intermediary, but merely as an informant. Any complaints are in that case resolved with the service provider on the location of the service itself. 

Tribu d.o.o. can establish prices of the surfing vacation package and at the same time explicitly state reduction in prices in case of an application by a specific number of clients or in case other specified conditions occur. Such provision does in no instance guarantee the price reduction thus the client cannot withdraw from the agreement due to failed price reduction.

Unless it is specified in the program, only one potential discount or benefit can be applied. Where there are more possible benefits or discounts, the clients chooses the one they qualify for.


Unless otherwise stated in the program, the price includes transport, hotel, accommodation and food services, listed in the program and trip organization.

Unless otherwise stated in the program, a price of a surfing vacation package is a price per person for rooms with two or more beds.


Special services are normally not included in the basic price of a surfing vacation package (single room, special diet, additional trips etc.).

In case there are special services possible the client states their wishes upon application and pays additional costs.

During the vacation, the client pays additional costs directly to the tour manager or Tribu d.o.o. representative or the organizer of the additional trip on the location of the service itself, in the currency of the state, if the special service is still possible at the time, at the price set on location.


The client has a right to cancel the holiday on the place of application. In case of cancellation by client, Tribu d.o.o. reserves a right to cancellation costs due to cancellation of a contract. Costs depend on the time period of cancellation. If the client cancels the contract, Tribu d.o.o. refunds administrative costs in the amount of 15.00€ per voucher. 

Cost of cancellation refund depends on the period of time before departure date/services rendered:

• 45 to 30 days before departure date/services rendered – 10% of the price

• 29 to 22 days before departure date/services rendered -30% of the price

• 21 to 15 days before departure date/services rendered -40% of the price

• 14 to 8 days before departure date/services rendered -60% of the price

• 7 days before departure date/services rendered included the departure day -100% of the price

• failure to participate without cancellation -100% of the price

In cases where Tribu d.o.o. does not act as an organizer, following conditions determine the cost of trip cancellation:

• up to 45 days -10% of the price

• 44 to 35 days before departure date/services rendered -50% of the price

• 34 days before departure date/services rendered including the day of departure/services rendered -100% of the price.

If the client fails to appear or cancel the vacation package on departure date or even after, the client pays for the entire vacation package. In case of otherwise specified cancellation cost conditions in the program, those conditions apply.

Upon contract cancellation the client has to sign a cancellation document given by the sales assistant. In case the client refuses to sign the document, it is considered that the contract has not been cancelled.

During the vacation, the client can end the vacation on their own wish with a written statement. In this case the client is entitled to neither partial not total refund of costs and/or package payment upon arriving home.

In case the client changes the program on their own wish or does not travel according to program, it is considered that the client cancelled the contract. In this case the client also has no right to a refund of costs or purchase price. The client is in this case liable for any costs or damage caused by changing the program.

In case the client changes the program on their own wish or for reasons of force majeure without any irregularities by Tribu d.o.o., the client has no right to demand a refund/damages or price reduction.

After signing the contract the client can change the name or number of clients, accommodation, under different conditions, so the change can be made without cancelling the holiday package. In this case, the client has to pay only the administrative costs of 15€.


Tribu d.o.o. reserves the right to cancel the vacation or change the vacation itinerary according to applicable Act. Tribu d.o.o. reserves the right to cancel the holiday no later than 7 (seven) days before the scheduled departure, if there are not enough applicants, under the conditions of the contract. 

Tribu d.o.o. reserves the right to partially or completely withdraw from contract, when met with exceptional circumstances that could not be expected, removed or avoided, while these circumstances, if they were to exist before the arrangement, represent a valid reason for not signing the contract. With vacation package programs depending on good weather or where weather is an essential condition of the trip, Tribu d.o.o. can withdraw from contract, due to bad or inadequate weather conditions, considered as withdrawal due to exceptional circumstances. 

In this case, the client has a right to a refund of the money they paid for the trip or to transfer that sum to another time period.

Tribu d.o.o. can cancel the contract or withdraw from the contract and demand repair of damage from the client who is in direct violation of contract with Tribu d.o.o., if it is established that client intentionally misinformed Tribu d.o.o. about the number of clients or their age, or if there were changes during the trip and Tribu d.o.o. had not been informed. 

Tribu d.o.o. reserves the right to change the day/date and time of departure due to force majeure, if the conditions of the trip change (new timetables, uncertain political conditions in a country, where Tribu d.o.o. organizes the trip, natural disasters or other unforeseen circumstances Tribu d.o.o. cannot influence), without special damages.

Tribu d.o.o. cannot assume responsibility if the program changes due to force majeure during the trip itself. In these cases Tribu d.o.o. can provide the services in a changed form, within existing possibilities.

In case Tribu d.o.o. cancels the trip, the client is entitled to a full refund of the price of the vacation package. In case Tribu d.o.o. cancels the trip, the client has no right to a refund of a price of vaccination(s). 

In case of any kind of additional program change, Tribu d.o.o. must notify the client immediately. If Tribu d.o.o. or any other organizer withdraws from contract during the performance of its contractual obligations, they have a right to a fair payment for arranged services.

Tribu d.o.o. is not responsible for flight, ship or train delays, as well as for program changes as a result of the situation.

In case the conditions on spot prevent Tribu d.o.o. from accommodating clients in previously arranged rooms, Tribu d.o.o. accommodates the client in the same place/town in a building of the same category. 


The client has an obligation to be informed of passport, visa rules in force, exchange rules, customs and health regulations. The client must ensure that their person, documents, luggage meet the conditions of customs, border, health regulations of their country as well as transit country/ies and country/ies they plan to stay in.

The client applying for vacation package abroad must have a valid passport, or any other valid identity document, designed for cross-border travel.

In case some countries require a specific amount of time before the passport expires in order to enter the country, the client is solely responsible to ensure their identity document is in order. If any unpleasant situation or premature trip cancellation arises from disregarding these requirements Tribu d.o.o. is not responsible.

In case the client is denied entry to a country, or for any other impediment, the client is responsible for all costs.

The client has to obey house rules and work together with the organizer representative and service provider in good faith. If the client does not comply with their obligations, they are responsible for the damage, and the organizer denies any responsibility for any possible damage the client may suffer in such case. During the trip, the client must behave in such a way that they do not endanger lives or health of others or the trip itself. In case the client does not behave in such a way the representative of the organizer has a right to remove the client from the vacation package without the right for any kind of refund, except for payment on spot.


Tribu d.o.o. does not send any notifications to clients via standard mail. Clients receive notification before departure via email (in case they provided Tribu d.o.o. with their email address), otherwise they can get the notification before departure at the office where they applied for the trip, no later than five (5) days before departure. Clients can arrange to get the notification at info@tribu.si or call the mobile phone number 00 386 40 470 644.

In case the client does not receive the notification one (1) day before departure, we recommend they contact the office where they applied for the trip.

In case the client submits an incomplete or false email address for notifications, voucher issue or contract, the client is responsible for all costs.


Tribu d.o.o. is not responsible for any complications or trip cancellation by the client due to client’s failure to follow health regulations of the country to which they travel or the program they apply for as well as any costs resulting from these actions.


Tribu d.o.o. is not responsible for client’s baggage transport, damaged or lost baggage, theft of baggage or any other valuables in the accommodation facilities. 

Transport of baggage to a certain weight determined by the carrier is free of charge. Transport of baggage on airlines is free up to a certain weight of baggage; additional weight is paid by the client on location in the country’s home currency or as specified by the airline. Children under 2 years do not have a right to free baggage transport.

Airline holds sole responsibility for lost luggage based on international air traffic regulations.

In case of lost luggage, the client has to fill in a Property Irregularity Form- PIR form in two copies; one for the representative of the airline, the client keeps one copy. Based on the form, the airline will compensate the client according to international air traffic regulations. 

Tribu d.o.o. is not responsible for theft or damaged luggage or any other valuables, personal items, or documents, from accommodation facilities (hotel rooms, private accommodation etc.) and means of transport (planes, buses, ships, etc.).


Tribu d.o.o. is not responsible for punctuality of carriers in land, sea and air transport, when traveling by public transportation, scheduled or non-scheduled passenger transport. Carrier liability is determined in the contract between the organizer of the trip and passenger/transportation carrier, valid with the use of the vehicle. Tribu d.o.o. is not responsible for any damage related to delays, cancellation or change of transportation or vehicle/means of transportation. 

The client is obligated to check the scheduled arrival time with the organizer 48 hours prior to the return. 


If the client loses personal ID or their ID is stolen and necessary to return home, the client provides for new documents on their own expense. In case the stolen or lost documents result in trip cancellation, the client is not entitled to any kind of refund.


Information received at the office of application is not more binding than information received in writing, in the holiday program. In case of doubt, information in writing is binding. 

GUIDELINES and SPECIAL CONDITIONS as well as USEFUL INFORMATION published in catalogues and/or price lists, apply to all vacation packages, both for group and individual departures, pre-arranged and special programs, booked services, and are a part of GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

All published photographs at Tribu d.o.o. are for information only. In case a person does not wish to appear on photographs, Tribu d.o.o. management asks to be notified in advance.

Weather chart references are statistical averages comprising several years and serve as a guide for information. Tribu d.o.o. is not responsible for discrepancies between the charts and actual conditions. 


Standards of tourist offers of chosen destinations differ and cannot be compared. It is important to keep in mind that the criteria of categorization in several tourist destinations substantially depart from the criteria adopted by the Republic of Slovenia as well as most of the Western European countries. 

The organizer does not take responsibility for any information, submitted orally or in writing by the organizers' authorized agency, which is not in conformity with the description of the services in its program. 

House rules, food, services, beach as well as any other service rendered by the hotels are under the surveillance of the local tourist organizations. These are also considered to be elements outside the organizers' scope of influence. 

Arrangements, marked »all inclusive« are to be read carefully in the program or offer, because the characteristics of the »all inclusive« offers vary. Normally the basic service pertaining to the »all inclusive« offer is »all meals included« (breakfast, lunch, dinner) offer. 

If the client upon the reservation does not make an additional payment for a room with special characteristics (seaside view, balcony, position – orientation, specific floor), they are to be accommodated in one of the rooms, which are formally registered as rooms to be rented to the guests. The allocation of rooms is in the domain of Tribu d.o.o. In case of additional needs, the client can submit these to the management of Tribu d.o.o., who will try to comply with needs specified. Upon accommodation in single room the client must be aware that such a room does not follow the standard of double rooms (it is usually smaller and has less convenient positioning). Upon accommodation in a room with three or more beds, the clients must take in regard that the beds in the rooms may vary, and may take form of a bunk bed, single or double beds. 


The client must reprimand mistakes or defects on the location itself to the travel administrator, representative of Tribu d.o.o. or representative of the organizer of the travel, who organizes the clients' vacation package, direct provider of the services or the authorized local agency. In case that the complaint based on its contents could be solved on the location itself, it is considered that the client is in accordance with the service and therefore loses rights to demand of the purchase price reduction or payment of damages. Tribu d.o.o. will not handle complaints by the client which are not accompanied by a written report by the representative of the organizer or the provider of services, containing the complaint, showing that the defects could not be solved on the location. 

Complaint procedure: Immediately on the location itself the client must claim the unsatisfactory service to the representative of the organizer or the service provider, should the prior be absent. The client must cooperate with the representative with a good cause aiming to resolve the causes of the complaint. Should the client not accept the offered solution to its complaint, which is in accordance to the paid services according to the program, Tribu d.o.o. shall not take in regard any further demands for the repayment of the damage or purchase price reductions. Should the cause of the complaint not be remedied at the location, the client and the representative must jointly draft a written confirmation. Upon returning home the client must within the legally prescribed date, which is two months as of the end of the travel, send a written complaint to the following address: Adrenalinski center Tribu d.o.o., Kvedrova 10, 6000 Koper, Slovenia, disclosing all the evidence, proving the merits of the complaint (along with a mandatory written confirmation of the representative or the service provider, possible receipts for the necessary additional expenses etc.). The organizer is firstly obliged to respond to the client in writing within 8 (eight) days as of the receipt of the complaint and give its final response in due time, necessary for the obtainment of the information from the representative or the service provider regarding the cause of the complaint; or in time, necessary, to obtain the information from third parties, in accordance with Article 892. of the Civil Code. Until the organizer does not issue its decision, the client waives submission of the complaint to any other person, judicial institutions as well as provision of information to the media or to the public.  

The organizer shall resolve the complaints, cause of which could not be repaired on the location itself, solely. In case of a claim regarding travel, which Tribu d.o.o. did not organize, Tribu d.o.o. shall submit the claim to the liable organizer and shall inform the client on the resolution of the claim in writing. In case Tribu d.o.o. acts as an informant alone, the client must invoke all claims on the location itself from the actual organizer of the optional trip, sightseeing etc. Without a claim, Tribu d.o.o. will not examine neither the demands for purchase price reductions nor claims for payment of damages as well as other claims. 

The claim must be signed and submitted by each client themselves or authorize a third person to submit the claim in the name of the client. Should the authorization not be attached to the claim, Tribu d.o.o. shall not examine the claim. 

The claim must be substantiated. The client must therefore enclose evidence and/or receipts along with the claim. 

In case Tribu d.o.o. does not carry out the program or planned services the client is entitled to the damages in the amount of the program or service not rendered. 


Tribu d.o.o. shall safeguard all the acquired clients' data in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act. It is considered that the client upon signing the contract or upon filling in the entire electronic application consents to the use of their data with an aim of fulfillment of all the contractual obligations and rights as well as for the purposes of direct marketing, market research, segmentation of the buyers, statistical processing of data and informing of the Tribu d.o.o. and its business partners' offers. In case the client does not agree with the above mentioned processing of data, the client may state so upon applying for the travel. 


All prices from the Tribu d.o.o. offer include value added tax (VAT). 

In case of a dispute between the contracting parties the court in Koper (Slovenia) has a subject-matter and territorial jurisdiction. 

These general conditions apply to all the contracts concluded from the day of the publication of the present printed matter. 


Excerpts from the Consumer Protection Act – 1, pertaining to the organization of the tourist arrangements (valid since 15.01.2008):

Use: This Act applies exclusively to the users. 

Scope of use: The Act applies exclusively to the vacation packages, not to any other tourist services. 




These special conditions apply to the certain vacation packages so far as those differ from the general conditions and instructions for the vacation packages. Otherwise general terms for the vacation packages and instructions or provisions in an individual program apply for these vacation packages, unless otherwise specified therein. 


In case the wished, ordered and paid for vacation packages is based on suite accommodation, entrance in the surf camp is possible at 12.00 on the day of the beginning of an individual vacation package. Last day of each vacation package the suite has to be vacated/left until 12.00. It is possible to make alternate arrangements with the program manager. 


Clients' applications for the intercontinental vacation packages are accepted in the Tribu d.o.o. office as well as other authorized tourist agencies until the occupation of the available places. Upon application the client has to pay an application fee in the amount of 30% of the value of the travel or the arrangement, the rest must be paid 14 days prior to the travel at the latest. 

Tribu d.o.o. is not liable for the change in the departure or transit flights, which the air carrier changes, which is why the client must check and confirm the travel itinerary at least 48 hours prior to the travel before each departure as well as each termination of the travel. 

III. FOR »Surfing on the waves« HOLIDAY PACKAGES

Lack of waves does not fall under force majeure. When a client terminates vacation package due to the lack of waves, Tribu d.o.o. acts as if the vacation package has been cancelled by the client. We expressly state that the cancellation fee in case of suite rentals applies only in case of cancellation of an entire suite rental and not for cancellation of the suite rental by certain individuals. 



In case of an order or sale of the vacation packages ONLINE, general terms, instructions for vacation packages, special conditions of business and offer, published on Tribu d.o.o. web site or on the web site of Tribu d.o.o. intermediary apply. 

In case the provisions of these general terms and instructions for vacation packages and the provisions of special conditions or offers, posted on the WEB site, are not in accordance, the provisions posted on the WEB site apply. 

It is considered that the client has accepted the terms of these general provisions and instructions the moment they order a specific Tribu d.o.o. service ONLINE. Essential condition for the validity of the application is the payment of 30% of the value of the services within 3 days after the submission of the order/application and payment of the rest of the value at least 14 days before the departure, unless different deadline is specified. In case that the services are not paid within the stated deadlines, they are deemed as never ordered. 


In certain cases, specified with a special vacation package program, it can be stated that minors, until the age, defined in that program, who are travelling accompanied by two adults, are entitled to discounts on certain services within the range of an entire vacation package or a discount on an entire vacation package. 

The conditions and rate of the discount are defined in each specific vacation package program. In case certain programs do not state special discounts for minors, who are travelling, accompanied by adults, means that such discounts are not envisaged for these vacation packages. 

Each child, regardless of its age and possible discount rate, must be stated in the travelling documents and must have valid documents, necessary for possible entry in foreign states, where they are travelling. In case, that the child is not stated on the travelling documentation or a voucher for a specific vacation package, it is considered that the child has no rights within the context of that vacation package. 

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