Surfer's feedback

day for surfing.

Surfers' feedback

We learned to ride the white water and some waves, too

After 10 days of waves, it was time to leave our tribe. We learned to ride the white water and some waves, too. We saw some sights and had a really great time. Thank you tribe for every experience we got. You are an awesome team!

Saša and Jasna

Surfing is our goal!

TRIBU is now our tribe, surf camp is our tent, the instructors are our gurus and surfing is our goal!  
Meta, Andrej, Borut

Our instructor, Iztok, who is really nice (and doesn’t think yoga is serious enough)

On my trip to Portugal I came across a surf camp called Tribu. I met a great team. Actuall, the entire Tribu family. Our surf instructor Iztok, who is really nice and doesn’t think yoga is too serious; Vesna, our caring host with the best pedigree; Zala, a quiet girl, who looks really good in a Tribu hat; Jan- a future expert in legal terms of riding the waves and good ideas how to store his earring while surfing; Damjan- barbeque master, he’ll buy us a beer on the next surf party in Ljubljana etc. Dear team, you are great!



I had such a blast I can't describe it

I am sitting on the most comfortable couch in the world, after our last breakfast, and thinking what to write: “I had such a blast. I can’t describe it. I could fill in the whole notebook. Anyway, it was really good. The food was so delicious we couldn’t lose any weight. The gang was awesome, surfing rocks. I think our lady gang will come again, howl to the moon, break beds, enjoy ourselves..So, get some rest now that we’ll be gone and surf some more for us. We feel really bad we have to go already. The vacation was definitely too short!”

three babes: Irena, Nina, Anja Shit. 

Stay true - to Tribu

Fuck. I’m leaving tomorrow. I won’t write too much. The beauty is in the jist. And the jist is surfing. Alphabet soup after a whole day of surfing. Hanging out in the evening with the surfers. You are so cool. Top shit. Stay true - to Tribu! 



Top shit, man!

We wake up in the morning. Yummy, breakfast! We sleep some more. On the beach we put on pur wetsuits and burst into white water. Damjan is the soldier. He stretches on the beach and we’re in the water thinking WTF?!

When he crawls back to his hole in the afternoon, we’re saved. We can rest a bit and stuff urselves with Vesna’s amazing sandwiches. After that some more water and then yummy, dinner! In the evening a lot of laughs and the same routine again tomorrow!

Love you Tribu, Tajda and Tjaša

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Surfer's feedback

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