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Portugal surf spots



Location of our surf house/camp is definitely »hot«. We could name it »hot spot«, because we are located in famous surfing destination – town Peniche. 


In our neighborhood there are lots and lots of surf spots! Some of those are within a walking distance, other a just a short drive away, 5 minutes by car.


Close to our house there is a world famous surf spot – Supertubos. Its name comes from barrels (tubes), which can be made by this wave. We names one of the rooms in our house after this surf spot.


Only few meters away from the Supertubos lays the next surf spot – Molho Leste. This spot is suitable for beginners. 


Next to our surf house is a surf spot Consolacao. It has left and right pointbreak, suitable for advanced surfers. Even closer to the house is the spot Batel (Porto Batel), where we often go surfing early in the morning, when we are wait for fresh bread. 


North of the town Peniche there are two bays, full of surf spots, which are good for beginners (Praia do Baleal, Praia da Foz do Arho..). There are also some spots, good for intermediated and advance surfers (Lagide, Red rocks, Belgas and few secret spots). 


In south of the small village Consolacao are some spots on the beach Praia de area branca.




Supertubos, the king of Portuguese beach breaks, wakes up with NW, W and SW swells, with good period and offshore. 

There is a Tribu legend about "boca do dragao" (dragon's mouth), which means that there is a dragon hidden in Supertubos closeout waves breaking on just a few decimeters deep water. 

Supertubos is a wave, with a lot of broken surfboards, but also with a lot of surfing tubes, which are incredible. There is also a surfing competition which takes place on the Supertubos spot - ASP Peniche Rip Curl Pro. 


Molho Leste



Surf spot Consolacão is the closest spot to our Tribu surf house and offers two options - the right wave, which is longer, works more often that the left one, which breaks north of reef, so you surf into a sand beach, when you ride this wave. 


When you get into water (the right wave), pay attention to urchins. 

The left wave, called Mini Pipe, works rarely, but when it works, it's one of the best waves around. 

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This right-hand point break is widely regarded as the best wave in Portugal. It comes out of deep water and breaks with power along a series of hollow sections in front of sharp rock ledges. Entry and exit is tricky on solid swells, so watch where and hof the locals do it. Coxos is the home break of some of Portugal's (and Europe's) finest pro surfers. 

Coxos is close to the town Ericeira, where are some of the best surf factorys in Portugal. 


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Porto Batel

Red rocks


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