Where and When?

day for surfing.

Where and When?


We start our surf adventure on 21 April. At that time Portugal’s nature starts awakening and the weather is already warm. The finish of the season is on 3 November, when winter begins and big swells come to shore.

During summer, we recommend the following dates, but you can also come and leave whenever you want. We recommend certain periods because of organised trips, surf school and transfers trof/to the airport.

Recommended periods are:



1. Time Period 21. April - 6. MAy
2. Time Period 30. May - 06. June
3. Time Period 06. June - 13. June
4. Time Period 13. June - 20. June
5. Time Period 20. June - 27. June
6. Time Period 27. June - 04. July
7. Time Period 04. July - 11. July
8. Time Period 11. July - 18. July
9. Time Period 18. July - 25. July
10. Time Period 25. July - 01. August
11. Time Period 01. August - 08. August
12. Time Period 08. August - 15. August
13. Time Period 15. August - 22. August
14. Time Period 22. August - 29. August
15. Time Period 29. August - 05. September
16. Time Period 05. September - 12. September
17. Time Period 12. September - 19. September
18. Time Period 19. September - 26. Septemer
19. Time Period 26. September - 03. October
20. Time Period 03. October - 10. October
21. Time Period 10. October - 17. October
22. Time Period 17. October - 24. October
23. Time Period 24. October - 31. November
24. time Period 27. October - 03. November

Where exactly are we located?


Tribu Surf House in Peniche has everything that a surfer needs for perfect surfing holidays.

We are located in a small town named Consolacao; cca 500 south from the town Peniche. It is nerly 1h drive from the airport in Lisbon.




The Surf House has four large bedrooms, each with four or five beds. The kitchen, dining room and living room are in one big space, separated from the bedrooms. In the living room we can relax - playing pool or watching TV in the TV corner, where we can also have video analysis or watch a surf movie.

The kitchen has two fireplaces for barbecues, a large table and everything else we need for some great cookery in the kitchen.


We can hang out in the courtyard or borrow bikes or skateboards to ride to the nearby cliffs.





What are we going to eat?

Big breakfast and healthy dinner are important for the energy needed for surfing!


Self-serviced breakfast includes: eggs, jams, ham, delicious dips, tomato, tea, coffee, fresh bread from nearest baker's shop, muesli. If you have fod requirements, please mention them in the application.

We can pack a sandwich or a salad to the beach, to recover our strength when surfing.







For dinner, we'll have food good for our muscles.


Few of the dishes are:

- cream vegetable homemade soups (leek, zucchini, cauliflower, carrots…)

- pork pot roast with carrot sauce

- homemade gnocchi (house speciality - Bolognese sauce)

- turkey steak with sesame and Russian salad

- mussels cooked with sea water

- barbecue

- vegetarian specialities (tzatziki, Greek salad, fried vegetable steaks and more)

- gluten-free meals


Join us!


Would you like be a part of our surfing fair taile? Send us your email on info@tribu.si

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Surfer's feedback

We create a tribe and get in touch with surfer's spirit. Together we share our adventures, first surf steps, summer romances etc... Tribu surfing is like a book - when you open it, you can imagine, that you are right there...

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