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is one the most beautiful capitals in the world. It is a city of young people, a picturesque, lively city with a lovely old part, a lot of steep streets, old and new architectural ideas. In the evening the old town is the place to be, with a lot of bars and night life. Sightseeing is a must- the biggest ocenarium in Europe (even bigger than the one in Barcelona, by two fish and a turtle), the zoo with varios animals, Belem, Jeronimos Monastery, Rossio Square, many museums, galleries, shopping centers...

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Surf factory - Ericeira

In the world of surf, Portugal is known for its great surfboard shapers (people, who build and design surfboards). In our daylong surf trip we visit one of the famous surf factory in Portugal and watch how a surfboard is made. We can take a look at the process of making a surf board, from the beginning to the final product and learn about our beauties - surfboards. Who knows, maybe we'll make one ourselves back home. 

After the tour of the surf factory, we'll take a trip around an old fishing town Ericeira, known as a surf town with serious and world famous reef breaks. We'll take some photos of the pros and head back home where dinner awaits. 





Buddha park


Buddha park, Buddha Eden or The Park of Peace is usually combined with the visit of Obidos, or it represents a few hours relaxation after the intensive morning surf session. The place is real temple of peace, located in wine-growing land of Quinta dos Lordos, created by an old wine grower Jose Bernardo.  

Enormous copies of sculptures of Buddha, Hindu and Chinese gods, deities and soldiers can be found on 30 hectares wide space with lakes and green fields. So everyone can find a piece of land for him/herself. Park was created as a replica to the great destroying of the biggest Buddha Bamyan in Afganistan in 2001.

Tribu first finds the spot in Buddha park for slake-line or gum-twist or we just chill out on the sun with the legs high. 







Sintra, Cabo da Roca and Cascais

Sintra is an ancient town on a hill surrounded by a mighty fortress around castles and villas. After the tour dell prestige we'll haed towards a country house by one of the last moguls of the 18th century. After that we'll head to the end of the world - to the most western point of Europe, Cabo da Roca. A mighty view form high cliffs overlooking the ocean takes us back to the times of Christopher Columbus and his peers who wondered what could there be on the other side of the sea. 


After the breeze through or bones and thoughts fish feast awaits in the extravagant Cascais. A caipirinha or two can be arranged as well as a visit to the infamous Bairro Alto in Lisbon. 









For all those, who are romantics, the medieval town Obidos is a must-see! The small town is located on a hill, from where we see the whole landscape. Since 1527 the town has been surrounded by a wall and well-preserved till today. The romantic atmosphere is good makret seel for local people, who organize a lot of events with medieval feel. Nowadays the town Obidos is well known as an "it" place to get merried. The visit to the town of Obidos will stay in our memory also because of delicious chocolate and cherry, served in chocolate cups. Yummy!


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