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The summers in Portugal are hot, dry and the air is clear because the ocean is close. We will need T-shirts, sandals, sunglasses, suncreme... Just in case bring some long sleeves, hoody, anorak - you never know when you need it. 

Normal water temperature is 21°C. Wetsuits we need are of different thickness. For those who are more sensitive to cold water, we offer 4/3 wetsuits, for those who don't know word "cold" we also have some lycras or 3/2 wetsuits. 


You will get surf equipment in the surf house. You will get wetsuit in your size, surf board, leash, wax and lycra.

Prices in Portugal

The prices in Portugal are more or less tolerable. Coffee on the beach costs from 0,6 eur, small beer from 1 eur, fresh orange jucie 2 eur etc. 

You can get daily menu in restaurants from 4,50 eur. Portions are mostly for 2 people. Food prices in supermarkets are cmopareable with prices in other countries in western Europe. 

ATMs are frequent. In shops and restaurants it's possible to pay with Master Card or Visa. 


Before we start surfing in Portugal, we have to take care of our health insurance for abroad (for example Coris, Elvia, Vzajemna...) at home in our local insurance company. 

In Portugal, there is a doctor nearby, we also have a lifeguard on staff, who is also a male  nurse and surfing instructor.


The nearest airport and the most convenient one is Lisbon Airport. There is a bus from the airport to Peniche; bus fare price is cca. 9 eur. 

Details: When you learn the date of your arrival to Portugal, let us know the exact time and place (which airport, centar bus station etc.), write us an email to: We will reply to leet you know we got your mail and we'll arrange the time and place to pick you up. 


Tribu Surf Camp Portugal can permanently damage your inner compass, so from then on you will be focused on returning to the waves. 

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