Surf school

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Surf school

School of surfing on waves in Rio de Janeiro comprises the Tribu progressive teaching process, where we teach all the basics through a lot of fun. But the school is also meant for all of you, who want to improve your skills.

Starting out is always the most fun. Usually we imagine things very different from what they are. That's why we'll first get to know something about surfing theory, safety, equipment, how waves are influenced by weather, taking those first steps and so on. After that comes practice, where we put the theory to the test.

In the following days we will cover the theory in depth. Everything will be repeated and discussed (theoretical part takes about an hour or two, depending on your questions).




The practice part will usually be carried out on the closest beach break Recreio,  where we have a reserved exclusive spot for our surf school. This means zero crowd in the water.

Occasionally and depending on the conditions you will learn surfing on the Grumari beach, which is located in a nature reserve.

The course will usually be held in the mornings in the following way: 3 days of surfing school, rest day (time for day trips), 2 more days of surfing school. Everyone who will stay with us longer than 7 days, there is one more day of rest and 2 extra days of surfing school as agreed and required. When you are learning to surf your progress will be caught on video, so everything will be checked and analyzed at least once and any faults can be corrected and the little fingers perfected (inside joke, but you'll soon see what's it about ;). Of course, a photographer will also be present.


Remember the famous surfer saying: "The best surfer in the water is the one having the most fun." Kelly Slater

And don't forget this one: "Find the Tribu in you"



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