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Tropical Rio weather with rainfall from December to March is the summer of the southern hemisphere. Temperatures reach 40 °C and the only remedy is a nice cold beer.

But the winter time from April to December is much more bearable with an average temperature of about 24 °C.

In any season you mustn't forget sunglasses, shorts, shirts and a lot of sunscreen. If you are more on the sensitive side to the cold, you should also pack a hoody and some longer pants. A windjacket is also a good thing to always have with you.


You will get all needed equipment at the surf camp. Surfboards, wax and lycras (we won't need wetsuits here as the water is quite warm) are already there.

If you'd like to have your own PRO equipment, we recommend renting it here, as the transporting equipment to Brazil carries quite a hefty price tag. We'll arrange to get a special Tribu discount for renting equipment in the local surf shops.



Brazil's currency is Real, with an exchange rate for Euro of 1:2,5. So you'll get 250 Reals for 100 €.

Prices in Brazil are pretty good. Food in restaurants is cheap in comparison to Slovenian prices and so are the drinks. Overall the prices are a little lower than in Slovenia. You just have to decide how much you want to spend, how many souvenirs you want take home with you and fill your wallet accordingly. We recommend that you bring a bank card for withdrawing cash or some other type of payment cards (your plastic best friend).

Ask at your bank if your bank card will enable you to withdraw cash from ATMs. Some cards are locked for Brazil for security reasons.

Here are some prices for stuff you can get everywhere:

Coconut on the beach: R$ 3,5 / 1,4 €

Street food: R$ 5 / 2 €

Beer in a store: R$ 1,2 / 0,5 €

Beer in a bar: R$ 2,5 - 8 / 1 - 3,2 €



Before we start surfing in Rio de Janeiro, we must take care of health insurance for abroad.

Lifeguards patrol the beaches here all year round and there is a clinic close to our surf house.


Airport Transfer

When you know the date when you travel/fly/swim to Rio, just let us know where and when you arrive (airport or main bus station) to We will confirm your e-mail and arrange when and where to pick you up.

Before you go to Brasil

Check that your passport is still valid at least one month before departure.

Visa is not necessary.

Make a copy of your passport to carry it with you instead of the original passport.

Apply for an international driving license.

If you intend to travel in other parts of Brazil, check if you must be vaccinated against the yellow fever.


Tag your luggage with your name and address

Pack only what you really need

Put some clothes in your hand luggage (it's really hot in Rio and you'll want to change clothes when you arrive!)

Power supply voltage is not the same in all areas, so check if you need an adapter


When you board the airplane, register your laptop, camera and other valuables.

Always keep your luggage with yourself.

Upon arrival be serious when filling out the questionnaire from the federal police and immigration office.


Avoid carrying a lot of cash with you

Bring an internationally accepted payment card

Traveler cheques are quite common here

Divide your cash between different parts of luggage and clothes


Always take additional insurance

Speed limits are enforced and there are speed cameras everywhere

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