Beaches and surf spots of Rio de Janeiro

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Beaches and Surf spots of Rio de Janeiro


Dreamlike atmosphere of Rio is fueled by the beaches, known all over the world by their surfing conditions (the ASP World tour also stops here in May), and dramatic hills, which stop right at the edge of the ocean.

The 100 km of beaches in Rio will definitely satisfy even the most demanding eyes, noses and palates. The smell of summer is in the air here all year long.

Ipanema and Copacabana really stand out as they are a real symbol of beauty. The beauty doesn't only come from the white sand and colorful atmosphere, but also from the people, walking around with large grins on their faces and bathing on these gorgeous beaches.

And the most extraordinary thing is that the less known beaches are just as great. Such as Grumari beach, where we will surf. Tourists rarely come here, but this a true tropical paradise.

The closest surf spot to our house is Macumba (less than a 10 min walk) is an example of a classic Rio de Janeiro beach, where you will be introduced with the most beautiful sport as a beginner surfer. The waves are gentle, they move slowly, the bottom is pure sand and lifeguards are present year round, this means that this is one of the safest spots to learn how to surf.

Surf spots like Arpoador, Barra Da Tijuca beach and Recreio host the world surfing tour in the month of May, but we like to focus more on a "secret" spot, a 20 min boat ride away or 40 min of walking over a jungle covered hillock.

Variety is a word that really describes the beaches of Rio. It's best that we go through all of them in turn and show as many photos and descriptions.




Summer in Rio de Janeiro starts right here. The trend setter of the city is the beach, where the Brazilian femininity really shows. The beach became famous with known actors, TV serials and movies, which presented beauty, pushed the acceptable limit of minimalistic bikinis, which we know today. Streets of Ipanema are just as famous, by the carnival gatherings, which start here long before the official start of the carnival. Masks, samba and good mood are accompanied by the smell of the ocean.

Surfers enjoy the shore break, which can get up to 2,5 m in size here. Steep hills, clear blue waters and friendly surfers really stand out here and always make for an unforgettable sessions.





Copacabana beach is divided into two parts. In our eyes the most interesting surf spot of Arpoador with perfect waves. This were the world surfing tour is hosted in the month of May. On top of this, the beach was chosen as one of the 4 Olympic zones, where the Olympic games will be held in 2016.

Copacabana has 60 hotels and is a typical large ocean beach. Luxury, world renowned restaurants and the most dense population are just some of the characteristics of Copacabana.



Grumari and Prainha


Grumari beach and Prainha (meaning "little beach") are part of a natural reserve, they are unpopulated and are two of the most beautiful beaches in Rio. Prainha is especially know by its great surfing options. Pro surfers can be found here often and famous actors (like Rodrigo Santoro who played the bad guy in the movie 300) hide here from the paparazzi and enjoy surfing.

We go on day trips to these beaches and have a cold beer with the stars. ;)



Misterious beaches of Guaratiba


Mysterious beaches of Guaratiba are hard to get to but that only makes them more tempting. A 50 min trek will take us to the beaches of Perigosa, Praia Funda, Meio and Inferno, walking on many different tracks, amazing views and intimate beaches. This is also the location of the only nude beach in Rio de Janeiro. The waves here are pretty "rough", so we will leave surfing to the pros.

Guaratiba beaches are a part of the Rio de Janeiro secret beaches trip.



Beaches of Macumba and nearby surf spots


Macumba is a 2,5 km long beach with 3 famous surf spots. It's perfect for body boarders with its fast waves and "launch pads". They can make sharp turns and high arials here. The next spot at Macumba is very suitable for long boarders and beginners. And at big swells this is also one of the longest waves in Rio.

Macumba beach got its name by the voodoo rituals, which were performed here by the Macumbeiros. Blessing of the gods was accompanied by goods like popcorn and white rum, cacha├ža.

This is also the home of Phil Rajzman, the world long boarding champion from the distant past of 2012. :)




Recreio beach


Recreio beach is the longest beach with the most powerful waves. It has the purest waters in Rio and this also our surf spot. Recreio is less than 10 min of walking away from our surf house and has a lot to offer from beach volley to foot volley, slacklines are put up everywhere, here is the longest bike track in Rio and of course the large open skate park. Nightlife is in abundance on this beach with a large number of discobars and various other places to hangout, you definitely won't get bored here. You can spot filming for TV and surfing competitions here often.

The custom here is a refreshing tropical juice on the beach.

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