When and Where?

day for surfing.

When and Where?

When do we surf in Morocco?


Our Surf Camp Maroko starts November 1st until late Spring.
You can arrive anytime after this date. For information on free rooms or beds or if you need any other information, just send us an e-mail to info@tribu.si.

Where exactly are we?

Our Surf Camp is on the East coast of Morocco, in Aourir village or Banana Village as it is often called, due to numerous banana fields. This is a small village just before the very well known surfing destination - Taghazout, which the top surfing area in Morocco. Favourable weather conditions from October to April mean that there is not a flat day to be seen. 
We'll be surfing every day just below our surf house, where there are many spots available. The surf school will be carried out every day on the Cro-Cro beach-break and more advanced surfers can try themselves out on Banana Point, Elevens, Devil's Rock and other nearby spots.

Surf house Berber

Where do we sleep?

Above Banana Village, on a small hill, is a little village of Tamraght with our Tribu surf house. The house has three floors and a large terrace. We have different rooms: couples can enjoy private rooms with double beds and groups can choose one of the multi-bed rooms. The terrace has a beautiful view ... of the ocean, of course :)
The house also has a great common living room, where we spend our evenings watching surf movies, checking footage from the day's surf school, reading books from our in-house library or celebrate New Year's and other occasions we can think of :) (check the photos)
Of course it has all the surfer paraphernalia for a great atmosphere and regeneration after surfing :)


Surf house Morocco


Culinary specialties

What are we eating ... yumm

Morocco has a certain mysticism by itself, but it also offers a variety of great food, so food enthusiasts will definitely get their share. And one consequence of surfing and spending a lot of time in the water is ravenous hunger! :)

In the mornings we will spoil ourselves at breakfast time. The table will be full of Moroccan jams, olives, fresh tomatoes, famous French baguettes and local flat bread, local "nutella" and so on. And from the kitchen the familiar smell of fresh eggs... We'll finish this with Moroccan mint tea or coffee. Who can resist this temptation?

After the morning surf school session we'll come back to the house and of course we'll be thinking about food after all that workout. We will all want to get as much energy as possible for the afternoon session. Because we'll want to really use the day for surfing, the lunch will be a light meal so it doesn't bog us down. Our cook will do his best and spoil us with delicious lunches every day!

The main meal of the day will be our dinner. We can't have dinner without soup! Our soup has become our trademark and our bellies are always really happy about it after a tough surfing day! After the soup comes a main course, enriched with Moroccan vegetables, which can only be found on a really good organic market back home. Moroccans have hardly even heard of pesticides and similar concoctions, that's why the vegetables and fruit we buy at a local market are so gooood! Vegetarians won't have any problems getting really good food as Moroccan cuisine offers a wide variety of excellent vegetarian specialties!

Yes, you read right, Moroccan cuisine! Because we are in Morocco, it's only proper that we taste the local specialties. So every Friday, the Moroccan big day of the week, we'll eat Moroccan dishes. The delicious Harira stew, cous-cous, tagine, fish, just to name a few.


Join us!


Would you like be a part of our surfing fair taile? Send us your email on info@tribu.si

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