Surf school

day for surfing.


Beginner course

Starting out is always the most fun. Usually we imagine things very different from what they are. That's why we'll first get to know something about surfing theory, safety, equipment, how waves are influenced by weather, taking those first steps and so on. After that comes practice, where we put the theory to the test (theoretical part takes about an hour or two, depending on your questions).
The practice part will usually be carried out on a beach break close to the house.


The course will be held in the mornings in the following way: 3 days of surfing school, rest day (time for shopping and day trips), 2 more days of surfing school. Everyone who will stay with us longer than 7 days, there is one more day of rest and 2 extra days of surfing school as agreed and required. When you are learning to surf your progress will be caught on video, so everything can be checked and analysed in the evening and any faults can be corrected and the little fingers perfected (inside joke, but you'll soon see what it is about ;). Of course, a photographer will also be present.


The course lasts for 1,5 hours with a Moroccan instructor and everything is in English. If you should require one, an English speaking Slovenian instructor is also available.


As we mentioned before, we can't forget about theory. Before you jump in the water for the first time, we will give you some general advice and then we will build on that. We believe that too much information at the beginning slows down learning to surf, so we will enjoy this beautiful sport one step at a time.


After a couple of hours in the water we will delve into proper theory, behind a desk, even. :) Theory will be covered in English and the instructor will explain everything about safety, origin of waves, different surfing methods and techniques, history of surfing, equipment, etc.  


As you will not all come on the same day, it can happen that you'll talk about theory on your first day or a couple of days later, but you will definitely not miss it.


A deposit of 50 EUR is required for wetsuit and surfboard. It will be collected when you receive the equipment and will be returned to you when you return the equipment and if it still in perfect condition.


From white-water to tube rides


The road from riding white-water to your first tube ride is a long one. We will see to it on our courses that you walk it as effectively is possible. You will have the opportunity to try different surfboards and push your abilities. You can choose between mini malibu, evolution, fish and longboard surfboards... And our instructors will help you get to your first tube ride in no time!


For experienced surfers

If you have already surfed some waves, you will be surfing with consideration of the following:
we will be adapting to tide conditions and other factors, which affect good surfing conditions and choose the best spots accordingly. On our previous expeditions we learned when and where it is good to go in different sea and weather conditions. Of course a video camera and a photographer will always be present.


Join us!


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