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Our Surf Camp is open from December to March, but the weather will be pretty warm and sunny. Normal temperatures varies from 15 to 22 °C during the day in the shade (easily reaches 30 °C out in the open) and from 7 to 11 °C during the night. So, you must definitely pack something with short sleeves. We recommend also packing a jacket and some long sleeve clothes for rainy days, which don't come around very often, but you want to be prepared just in case. A hat will also come in handy. Bring a sleeping bag and some sunscreen. 
The ocean is not as warm as the air, temperatures vary from 14 to 16 °C. Those who are more sensitive to cold will get thicker wetsuits (3/4) and all you hot-blooded people will get thinner ones (2/3) and a lycra shirt.


At certain surf spots, such as Boilers, surfing boots are needed. You can buy wax in the many surf shops in Taghazout (wax is included for course participants).

Prices in Morocco

Prices are generally low, but they can vary for up to 300 %, as the price is determined by our bargaining abilities. You just have to decide how much you want to spend, how many souvenirs you want take home with you and fill your wallet accordingly. We recommend that you bring a bank card for withdrawing cash or some other type of payment cards (your plastic best friend). As we mentioned above, the prices are generally always lower than in Europe.


We strongly recommend you buy travel medical insurance before you leave, so you can relax and enjoy your time (for example Coris, etc.). You can find a doctor easily in Agadir.


For all who will fly to Agadir: grab a taxi at the airport, you tell the driver to take you to the gas station in the village of Aourir. Then call us and let us know when you start your taxi ride and we will wait for you at the gas station.

For all who will fly to Marrakech: the bus will bring you to Agadir, to the main bus station. There you can grab a taxi to get to the village of Aourir. Let us know in time when you are about to arrive and we will pick you up at the gas station.

You will receive further information about how to get to the surf house on your e-mail, after you make your reservation.


Surf Camp Maroko can cause permanent damage to your inner compass and your thoughts might stay focused on returning to the south.


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