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At the end of the Atlas mountain range is a small fishing village, drowning in the ocean, as it is surrounded by mighty cliffs and just getting there is an adventure in itself. We'll check the fish market, where the fisherman auction big plaices, dorados, huge squids and other interesting sea animals. We mustn't forget that this little village is also known for its beautiful and longest point-break, where it is possible to surf one wave for 400 meters. In the bay, where we'll be surfing, it is very common to see the Moon and the setting Sun at the same time, as the air so clear you can see stars in the daytime. :) And on our way back we'll stop and surf some sand dunes ... yeeeehaaa!!



Surfing sand dunes is an unforgettable experience, especially because you will remember the sand in your underwear for quite some time. :) But that doesn't matter, everybody is always excited to surf the sand dunes, where everyone can surf a 5 meter stationary dune-wave. It's always a lot of laughs and the way there is really interesting. The trip to Immesouane is usually combined with the sand dunes. It's much easier to explain what happens there with photos:


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