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Our Surf Camp Maroko offers a unique combination of fun, learning and total relaxation. Each day is a chapter in itself just as each crazy wave we will ride. Morocco isn't called "East California" for nothing, as we surfers call it when returning from this "wild" country. It has a huge number of surfing spots, which are right there at the top with the best ones in the world. There are many advanced and attractive waves, but Moroccan beaches are also full of spots suitable for beginners and surfers who like to do their holidays the easy way.



Morocco is a country in North Africa, bordering on Algeria on the East and Mauretania on the South, with a registered population of more than 31 million. Only the Sun knows how many more unregistered people come from South Sahara there are and how many people just sit around all day on crumbling walls all over the country.
Moroccans won their independence from the French in 1956. The French presence on Moroccan soil is still obvious, as French is the second official language and children learn it in school. All street peddlers, hotel room hustlers, tour operators, cab drivers can speak good English, and since in larger cities almost everyone is doing some line of business there are no special problems with communicating about everyday things. Of course, the easiest way to get your point across is still by gesticulating with your hands.

The landscape is barren and desolated, very different from what we are used to as mostly only shrubbery grows. The soil itself is very suitable for cacti and other desert plants. Otherwise Moroccans grow millions of olive trees and oranges, which are so delicious like you've never tasted them before.
The animal kingdom can also be surprising. You can be just driving along when a herd of camels crosses the road all of a sudden, or you can spot an interesting bird rummaging in the sand, which there is more than enough of in Morocco.
The sea is abundant with fish and, what interests us the most, full of beach, point and reef breaks, with countless surf spots. And there is definitely still some left that haven't been surfed yet ...



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