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When can I come to surf camp Portugal?

You can come whenever you want, for as long as you want, Tribu surf house is open between 20 April and 1 November. The Tribu surf camp will open on 3rd July 2013. 

Do I need to have any surfing skills before I come to surf school?

Surf school is intended for beginners without any previous surfing skills, as wells as for beginners who have already stood on a surf board. If you are already a surfer with some skills, we’ll guide you around the best surf spots in the area and best possible surfing conditions. 

What's the distance from the surf camp to Supertubos?

The surf spot Supertubos is about 2 km from the Surf camp and from the Surf house.

Do I get any discount if I have my own equipment?

Surf house: yes, you get 1€ discount/day on your surf board and 1€ on your wetsuit

Surf camp: there aren't any discounts on your own equipment

Can I use surf equipment outside surf lessons?

Yes, you can use the equipment whenever you want, you should use it as much as you can.

Do I need to arrive on Saturday and leave on Saturday?

No, you can arrange the arrival and departure dates to suit your needs. You can also stay in the camp before or after the week of the surf lessons. 

In the summer we have some recommended time periods, but you can also come outside these dates.



Is it possible to get individual lessons?

Yes, we arrange individual lessons, but only if one of the teachers is available. We usually arrange private lessons on the weekends.

On which days do we go to surf school?

We have surf lessons every day of the week, except Sundays.

Is there a minimum number of surfers in the class?

No, even if it’s just you, there will be surf lessons.

Can I bring a friend who won't be surfing?

Of course. In that case, you can take one surfing vacation package and the other person takes another one. 



Do I need to bring a sleeping bag to the camp?

Surf camp: Your tent will be waiting, clean and equipped with a roll foam mat. You have to bring your own sleeping bag.&nb

Do I get bedding?

Surf house:  Bedding and blankets are available, so you don't have to carry it as extra luggage. A towel is also available, for additional payment of 5€/week. &nb

What kind of rooms do we offer?

Rooms in the house have three, four or five beds. In case you and your boyfriend/girlfriend want a room for yourselves, please let us know. We’ll fill up all the other rooms and leave a room for you. In case the house is full, you’ll have to share a room with other guests for a couple of days.  

What’s the cheapest way to get to the surf house and camp?

The cheapest and easiest way is by bus. Take a cab from the airport to the bus station Sete Rios, when you get there, take a bus to Peniche. Call us or text us when you get on the bus, so we know when to expect you on the main bus station (the last one) in Peniche. And then just 5 more minutes with our van to a cold beer in our house/surf ca

What’s the easiest way to get to Peniche?

The nearest airport is in Lisbon. It takes 45 minutes by car from Lisbon to Peniche or an hour and 35 minutes by bus. Buses operate daily, app. every two hours, from 7 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. A ticket to Peniche costs app. 9€. &nb

Is there a minimum age requirement?

No, but if you're under 18, we require a written consent from your parents. 

What should I bring with me?

Besides your personal belongings, you should bring:  suncreen – with higher protection for face (you can also use cream with zinc oxide  for sensitive areas like nose, lips and cheeks), face moisturizing cream, don't forget your sunglasses and cap, beach towel, swim suit to wear underneath the wetsuit.. Temperatures in Portugal drop down quite a bit when the sun goes down, so make sure you bring some warm clothes (jacket, pants, long sleeves, pullover) as well as your beach gear.

What kind of activities does Tribu offer?

The main activity is surfing the waves. We’ll teach you how to surf and monitor your improvement. Although you’ll learn to surf in a small group, we’ll treat each surfer individually, focus on your abilities and correct mistakes. Aside from surfing the waves, Tribu makes sure surfers take trips, excursions, and participate in other activities, such as yoga.&nb

How high are water temperatures?

The average water temperatures in the summer are between 19°C and 22°C (up to 23°

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