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Do I need a sleeping bag?

In the surf house, we sleep in rooms with multiple beds. The essential part of your luggage should consist of a sleeping bag or bedding.

What if I am a vegetarian?

Vegetarians will be taken care of properly. Vegetables in Morocco are splendid; we have not tasted anything like that in Slovenia for a long time. Moroccans are almost unfamiliar with pesticides–which are too expensive anyway–so the vegetables growing out of the super mineral soil are healthy, tasty and colorful. Also, our chef is a vegetarian, or at least trying to be (he still picks some pršut now and then), and prepares excellent vegetable dish

Do I need my own equipment?

When you come to our surf school–to surf classes–we will provide you with the necessary equipment. A surf board by measure, wet suit by measure, wax with your favourite taste and all other things necessary.

Of course, if you have your own equipment, you should bring it with y

Is the water safe to drink?

For safety reasons, we drink bottled water, because water is not safe to drink everywhere. The locals say in their Muslim world: "Good heart, good water," which means- if you have a good heart, you will not have problems with water–Allah will take care of

Is there Internet connection in the house?

Yes, the connection is not very quick, but it is good enough for you to check your mail or look at pictures. Otherwise, there is an Internet café nearby, where you can access the internet. We do not take responsibility for the connection speed and its availability.

Basic information about Morocco

A North African country with a 33 million registered population. Predominant religion: Islam. Currency: dirham. The population is a mix of Arabs and Berbers, who speak Arabian (Maghreb) with many dialects. The political capital is Rabat, the largest city Casablanca. The most common taxi is the 1974 Mercedes Benz 300d. Although they officially drive on the left side, we warn you that it is not often

Can I drink alcohol?

It is forbidden to consume alcohol in Muslim countries. Since the forbidden is often the most tempting, it is the same with alcohol. In the last years, the number of alcoholics has increased a lot and you can buy alcohol in almost every large store. The prices of alcohol are higher than in Europe, and the quality deserves a "no comment" from our point of view. We strongly advise you not to drink alcohol in public.

Safety and pickpockets

You must take good care of your documents, money and valuables in Morocco. Pickpocketing is a national sport here, especially on public buses and in crowds, if you are dressed provocatively or even if you hitchhike.

Women in the Muslim world.

The women in the Muslim world are very beautiful. All joking aside, most women cover themselves, but you can find women who are a part of the more "open world". There are no special demands for women tourists, but we still advise discrete behaviour, especially if you travel alo

Medication for personal use.

Though you can get medicine in Morocco easily, it is advisable to know the name of the medicine and active ingredients in it. It is recommended to bring your own medici

Insurance for foreign countries.

You should settle your insurance for travelling abroad beforehand, just to be on the safe side (e.g. Corris). There is a doctor in the city of Agadir.



Weather in Morocco.

 Despite the fact that surf school starts in December and ends in the middle of March, the weather is very sunny and warm (it is to be expected). The usual daily temperature variations are between 15-22 °C in the shade (often up to 30 °C in the sun) and 7-11 °C at night. So the main part of your wardrobe should be T-shirts. Also, we recommend long sleeves and an anorak for rainy days. Those are rare, but we won’t let anything surprise us. We could also use a hat, a sleeping bag and sunscreen.

The water is not as warm as the atmosphere, the temperature is around 18-21 °C. Because of that, all those “cold-blooded” will get thicker wet suits (3/4), and the ones with a broken thermometer thinner (2/3) ones made of lyc

Money and prices.


The less money you take with you, the less you are going to use (and vice versa). The currency used in Morocco is dirham, the exchange rate for Euro is 11 DG = 1 EUR.

Prices are low, but they can vary threefold, depending on our ability to bargain. Each individual should decide for themselves how many souvenirs they are going to take home and fill up their wallets accordingly. We recommend you bring a regular BA Maestro credit card with you, or any other plastic pay pal. The prices are lower compared to European prices.

Can I attend surf school if I am a complete beginner?

Of course you can. In the surf camp we hold classes for complete beginners and for experienced surfers, who would like to improve their surfing skills. We teach classes for small groups, and surf teachers adjust to every individual, so the progress is fast.

Do I need to be fit to surf?

It is advisable to go to swimming a few times and train your muscles. Do some sit ups before you attend our surf camp. Good condition is more than welcome. Training on holidays can also be quite pleasant.

Do I have to attend surf camp from Saturday to Saturday?

No, you can arrive and leave whenever you want. There are no terms or restrictions. You can choose the date that suits you the most, according to your holiday dates, prices of air tickets, etc. We are on the camp spot all the time and we will also be here, for example, Wednesday 3.45

Do I need a visa for Morocco?

Citizens of European Union do not need visas for Morocco. From the day we enter the country, we can stay in the country for 90 days without any extra permissions. But before you leave home, check the validity of your passport–it has to be valid for at least six months from the day you enter the count

How to get to Morocco?

It is not as close as it looks on the world map. There are several possibilities how to get to us. The most popular way is of course travelling with a plane. You can fly to Marrakech or Agadir or on any nearby airport, like Casablanca.

There is also a land-sea connection, which means you can drive to us, but we warn you, there are several km to our house! And you must go on a ferry through Gibralt

Where in Morocco is our surf house located?


The surf house is located on the east coast, 10 km north from Agadir, just above a village we call the banana village (it is known for its former banana plantations). One kilometre up the hill from Banana there is a village called Tamraght. You will find our house next to the new mosque. Although the way to our house might sound a bit complicated, we assure you it is not so. You can get more information when you apply to the camp.  

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