General information

day for surfing.


What does it mean "allegria"?

Allegria (ital.)  means hellou, hi, be happy, have fun... 

Tribu use these nice word as a greeting.  

Where are we located?

The most easy way to finde Tribu is on internet - or


You can conntact us as well on or call us: +38640470644. 


Since when?

Tribu was foundet in 2008. 

Why the name "Tribu" and what does it means?

There are a lot meanings of word "tribu" in several languages on the world. We, Tribu, we are a tribe. These is also our mission - we would like to unite small companies of friends to be a part of better future. And surfing will hepl us to enjoy sports activities, loves the nature and people around us. 



Join us!


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Surfer's feedback

We create a tribe and get in touch with surfer's spirit. Together we share our adventures, first surf steps, summer romances etc... Tribu surfing is like a book - when you open it, you can imagine, that you are right there...

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